7 May

So I, like most other not-so-busy public servants, am watching the final stages of the British elections unfold with bated breath. Not to be dramatic but, according to Simon Schama, Britain “could be on the brink of ushering in something that looks suspiciously like democratic rebirth”. That’s pretty exciting stuff.

Really though, I think we can all admit that aesthetically, things could have been spiced up a notch or two; clones are so late 2000s. I’m not looking for Adonis-like gods, or easily distinguishable bodily disfigurement, but lord, would variation on a theme be that hard? Big Brown might be easy(er) to spot, but Clegg vs. Cameron – is this Avatar? Even in cartoon-form the contenders are unremarkable. And that’s in cartoon, aka caricature; something that embraces and exaggerates a notable characteristic. I’m no political analyst, but I’d bet that if Nick Clegg got up this a.m. rocking a perm, the Lib-Dems would score some serious bonus points. ‘Friday 7 May, 7.20am; appointment with Gloria at Vidal Sassoon’ – lock it in the diary.


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