It’s frightfully autumnal…

21 May

I’ve always noticed something nostalgic about autumn; or maybe it’s something autumnal about nostalgia? Either way, it’s amazing how much more specific and vivid my memories of autumn and winter are compared to my memories of summer- which is really just one sunlit blur. Well the sun has been out of touch for the past week, and it is getting cold, rainy, and sombre; so so am I. Perhaps walking to work today, listening (thanks to the utterly incredible New Yorker fiction podcasts) to the Vladimir Nabokov short story/autobiography “My Russian Education” was throwing fuel on the fire- Russia is really the epitome of autumnal nostalgia. So, some pictures and a famous Russian poet to encapsulate my melancholy…

I am no more but you live on,
And the wind, whining and complaining,
Is shaking house and forest, straining
Not single fir trees one by one
But the whole wood, all trees together,
With all the distance far and wide,
Like sail-less yachts in stormy weather
When moored within a bay they lie.
And this not out of wanton pride
Or fury bent on aimless wronging,
But to provide a lullaby
For you with words of grief and longing.

– Boris Pasternak (the brooding man above).


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