Feminism re-visited

3 Jun

I know I’m harping on about feminism, and I shouldn’t; but two texts I’ve read in the past two days have made it unavoidable. Last time, I promise.

Number One was a horrific article about Miss Universe New Zealand in the dominion post, with the tag line ‘just don’t mention feminism’. The article explains ‘we all believe in equal rights for woman and men…but we still like to be lady-like.’ Because being a feminist means you have to be man-like, right? This crazy, simplistic, and undermining representation of feminism is so so so depressing, especially when the point of the article was to prove that the beauty queens are more than just pretty faces. Sigh.

Number Two was, well, a beacon of light in my murky winter: the new magazine, ‘The Gentlewoman’ about ‘the fantastic women of the modern age’. Featuring articles (and it is a gloriously text-heavy magazine) on artist Jenny Holzer, architect Kazuyo Sejima, wine-maker Sara Pérez, and many more, the Gentlewoman delivers across the board. I think the aspiring Miss Universes’ would benefit from a quick flick through The Gentlewomen; maybe then they’d realise that feminists can be totally babin’.


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