21 Jun

On Saturday night I saw an awesome bum/busker-hybrid sitting outside a mall, playing haphazardly on his guitar. Normally, bums shout abuse, leer at you threateningly, and seem generally unimpressed with the world – well in my neighbourhood anyway. So, unsurprisingly, this guy punctuated his strumming with shouting. But, like a fortune teller, stuck on the ‘incredibly goodlooking and successful’ setting, he kept yelling:

‘You Are The Best Thing Ever!’

I swear I saw mouths twitching into self-conscious smiles, willy-nilly: “Who, me? Aw shucks, you didn’t have to say that…but thanks.” I, for one, felt a little better about who I was. And as today is the shortest day of the year for us Southern Hemispherers, cold, gloomy, and dark, a little positive reinforcement can do a lot. So dish out those compliments, I say; to people you know, and people you don’t.

Damn I wish I’d told him that he was pretty great too.


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