Nice work

29 Jun

I bought and framed my first piece of art last week. This makes me feel both grown up and cultured. As proof that I am neither of these things, however, I must confess to having sent fan mail to the artist proclaiming my love of her work.

As Alex alluded to in a previous post, I am a serial crusher. These crushes are (almost) always strictly platonic, so my fan mail to Sarah Maxey was not a declaration of my undying love and commitment to her. Thankfully. My crushes basically represent a healthy, genuine respect combined with not-so-healthy envy. So said email was a ‘your work is so inspiring! gush-fest.

Sarah, as an artist, designer and hand-drawn typographer supreme, is living my dream. And since my dream is blind to the lack of artistic merit I possess, I am glad she is out there making all of New Zealand’s books so beautiful.


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