Love and marriage

2 Jul

I am to be married next summer. Please forgive me if I take a little sidestep into wedding-land every now and then…

So, getting wed means I have many decisions to make. For example, will I take a new name? Will we be married or civilly united? What will we wear? What song will we dance to? Who will we invite etc etc. The good news is that people have been getting married (to varying degrees of success) for so many moons that it is a piece of cake to find precedent for anything you want to do. The other good news is that bloggers have also been getting married for many moons, so there are photos, anecdotes and advice to boot.

As soon as I got engaged I started looking at pretty pictures, mining the years of precedent for inspiration for our own ‘big day’. In the wedding blogging industry this is called wedding porn. Incidentally, this is not really something to try to google. Once Wed is the palatial home of awesome wedding porn, and I spent many an hour gazing at other people’s wedding photos there before I began to get a little bored. I mean, I like seeing how beautiful these weddings are, and how people try to incorporate themselves into an age old tradition, but after a while it becomes a little bit same same. I wasn’t really into table settings before I got engaged, and it turns out that is still the case.

But, awesome weddings still pop up and make me hope that my own party will be as rad, so here are a few of my wedding crushes at the moment. No table settings in sight.

{via cup of jo}

{images by anna malm, via lovelorn unicorn}

I would like to have Stephin Merritt sing as I walk down the aisle but I might have to settle for drinking Tanqueray martinis instead.


One Response to “Love and marriage”

  1. Stephanie May 6, 2011 at 3:43 am #

    I just thought I’d let you know that I love Pride and Prejudice, especially Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy! They are my ultimate love fantasy! haha =)

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