The David Blaine or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bumb

24 Aug

Big Boi released an album last month. You might know him as the guy from Outkast that isn’t Andre 3000 and the one that didn’t write Hey Ya. Or maybe those words make as much sense as the Yahoo Serious Film Festival. Anyway, the album, titled Sir Lucious Leftfoot: the Son of Chico Dusty, is very, very good.

And there’s a curious moment on it. At the end of the track General Patton (listen here) there’s a skit that details a sex trick called the David Blaine. Basically it involves tricking your partner into thinking they’re having sex with you then revealing they are in fact not. Hilarious, you say. Criminal, perhaps. For the purposes of this blog entry this is by the by.

The curious part is that the skit starts off: ‘the David Blaine is when you’re fucking the girl from the back, or somebody from the back’. The ‘or somebody from the back’ is the part that caught my attention. Objectifying women in hip hop is nothing new. But what is new is the open acceptance of sex outside the usual heterosexual, hyper-masculine, hip hop sensibility.

The David Blaine doesn’t necessarily refer to a gay love scene – I guess it could be a girl with a strap-on, though I think it’s the former. But either way, gay scene or peg scene, this is the most generous concession to non-traditional sexual relationships in a mainstream hip hop song I’ve ever heard.

Couple this with the smackdown of Prop 8 in California and the gay community of America is on a roll.

ps. ‘Sir Lucious Leftfoot’ is really good. Shine Blockas is a superb number and I only wish it were summer so one could wind the windows down and blast it from one’s girlfriend’s Toyota. It’s a wonderful album, you should check it out.

Guest blogger extraordinaire- Oliver O’Connell; Willkommen to SI4YD.


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