Strange Powers

27 Aug

It seems that superpowers have been on my mind of late, I think due to the relentless repetition of the Magnetic Fields song Strange Powers in my head, and the wonderful This American Life podcast on super heroes I listened to last week.

I especially liked the interview with the author of the site Lost and Forgotten, which provides info on all of comic-book-land’s most failed superheroes. 3-D man, whose strength, stamina, and speed had TRIPLED was totally my favourite- not THREE times as fast, strong, and resilient as your average man! Heavens, he would …um…be able to carry a wooden bed-base alone? Probably lose in a fight with a gorilla? Be able to keep up with a car sticking to the speed limit in the central city?

But I do quite like the idea of not-so-super-superpowers– more achievable skills for the less ambitious century. So here are some ideas, feel free to contribute.

“The Hangoverator” Her beaming smile is all it takes to wipe that nausea and shame away!

“Ear Man” There to hear you bitch and moan about your workmates, night or day.

“Compliment Kid” you’re looking really, really good today. Nuff said.

“Professor Plunge” The coffee-maker who always remember how you like it. And who also has the power to tell you if you are infatuated or in love.

 “Supercharge” with a utility belt of cell phone chargers AND a multi plug, Super charge will never let you go flat.

 “Mr Massage” Self explanatory, and R-18 if you want it to be!\

Ok it’s Friday, give me a break. And now I can only think in the Superhero-title-line-power-voice. Am I Annoying-Girl?


2 Responses to “Strange Powers”

  1. sam August 27, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    Professor Plunge is so brilliant. At first you think, oh, he’s like a diluted version of Captain Stovetop Espresso. But that’s when he hits you with his less famed, kinda incongruous secondary power, letting you know when it’s time to take “The Plunge”. I think there could be a minor supervillain in this askewniverse too, a donut-shaped rapper called “Saturated Phats” who emits a deceptive mist of “Inphatuation”.

    • Alexis August 30, 2010 at 11:49 am #

      Wonderful idea Sam. In fact, I have developed the coverpage for our upcoming comic book- keen? Sadly, it is too rauchy to post on this blog, which is, you know, high-brow. Check your inbox instead. xx

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