The reasons I will (not) be drinking

4 Oct

Without sounding like a lush, I just really love alcohol. Since I met and developed a massive crush on a bartender in my youth, I have sipped, savoured and over-indulged in many fine spirits, cheap and not-so-cheap wines and delicious beers. When travelling, it was a personal mission to hunt out the best neighbourhood bars, the cheapest dive bars, the historical literary watering holes. I have sipped Champagne in manicured imperial gardens. I have watched an old lady make me the most dramatic and fantastic martini, before leaving the bar with a walking stick. I have walked and then stumbled between a dozen wineries, never spitting out the samples. Many happy hours of my life have been spent holding up the end of a bar, and most of my treasured memories with friends involve some imbibing. And now our livelihood is partially sourced from the plying of others with liquor – the aforementioned bartender and I own and live above our very own neighbourhood bar.

So it is with some hesitation that I plan to spend October refraining from the drink. And in a display of the universe’s cruelty, the month has begun with a string of killer sunny days. The kind that are best enjoyed with some form of water view, and a sweating glass of beer.

Wish me luck.


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