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“Are you taking any steps to keep shit real?”

8 Oct

The age old adage is undeniable: Haters are gonna hate. But I wish some of them would just read this old Eggers interview (and rant). And maybe get a bit more self-aware. And realise that not only is hating BORING, but that they could be partying with Al Pacino if only they weren’t such nay-saying douchebags.


The David Blaine or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bumb

24 Aug

Big Boi released an album last month. You might know him as the guy from Outkast that isn’t Andre 3000 and the one that didn’t write Hey Ya. Or maybe those words make as much sense as the Yahoo Serious Film Festival. Anyway, the album, titled Sir Lucious Leftfoot: the Son of Chico Dusty, is very, very good.

And there’s a curious moment on it. At the end of the track General Patton (listen here) there’s a skit that details a sex trick called the David Blaine. Basically it involves tricking your partner into thinking they’re having sex with you then revealing they are in fact not. Hilarious, you say. Criminal, perhaps. For the purposes of this blog entry this is by the by.

The curious part is that the skit starts off: ‘the David Blaine is when you’re fucking the girl from the back, or somebody from the back’. The ‘or somebody from the back’ is the part that caught my attention. Objectifying women in hip hop is nothing new. But what is new is the open acceptance of sex outside the usual heterosexual, hyper-masculine, hip hop sensibility.

The David Blaine doesn’t necessarily refer to a gay love scene – I guess it could be a girl with a strap-on, though I think it’s the former. But either way, gay scene or peg scene, this is the most generous concession to non-traditional sexual relationships in a mainstream hip hop song I’ve ever heard.

Couple this with the smackdown of Prop 8 in California and the gay community of America is on a roll.

ps. ‘Sir Lucious Leftfoot’ is really good. Shine Blockas is a superb number and I only wish it were summer so one could wind the windows down and blast it from one’s girlfriend’s Toyota. It’s a wonderful album, you should check it out.

Guest blogger extraordinaire- Oliver O’Connell; Willkommen to SI4YD.


8 Aug

Okay, I get it. Is that your trademark?

Rewatched Fantastic Mr Fox last night from my sick bed. It reconfirmed for me how much I love the cuss out of Wes Anderson. (Even if he does look a little bit like Tilda Swinton).

Save Ferris!

5 Aug

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of my favourite movies. And with Thursday evening exhaustion setting in, I, like Ferris, feel I am the deserving candidate of some time off, legal or illegal. If I could, I would dedicate a day to reading Joshua Ferris’ novel Then We Came to the End- must get my hands on this book. This may mean I have a Ferris-Fetish. Well so be it. Defiantly, I feel no shame.  

Be still my wild heart

3 Aug

Oh Stevie! I have fallen in love with you all over again after watching this video.

video via This Recording

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21 Jul

Don’t fall in love with me yet
We only recently met
True I’m in love with you but
you might decide I’m a nut
Give me a week or two to
go absolutely cuckoo
then, when you see your error,
then, you can flee in terror
like everybody else does
I only tell you this cause
I’m easy to get rid of
but not if you fall in love
Know now that I’m on the make
and if you make a mistake
my heart will certainly break
I’ll have to jump in a lake
and all my friends will blame you
There’s no telling what they’ll do
It’s only fair to tell you
I’m absolutely cuckoo

The geek in me finds it difficult to listen to a band/song/album without a bit of wikipedia exploration. So, when a band I like is featured in a documentary, and that documentary is featured in a film festival – I am bound by personality trait to attend.

This year that documentary was Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields. The lyrics above may read like they were written by a teenager who just discovered a rhyming dictionary, but don’t be tricked! That simple genius is in fact from the pen of Merritt. The film itself was nothing particularly special, but it gave me some more facts to wield in pop music discussions/battles. Like the fact that his dog is named Irving Berlin. And that he was called a racist for not having enough ‘black’ music on his ipod. And that he is an only child. Also, I finally worked out how that couple got Stephin Merritt to sing at their wedding: she is/was his assistant. Mystery solved!


16 Jul

So I have been slack at posting – sorry – turns out my job requires application from time to time. And to top things off, this is not even really a post from me, it’s an excerpt from an email my friend Sam sent me about one of my old posts- copyright infringment here I come. So his email, regarding my post on intimacy, told me this:

You’re right about cats. They are intimacy training wheels for emotional infants (impending kitty excluded, of course). That’s why instead of taking photos of cats i take photos of movies. That’s relationships with people – only people who are distant in time and space.

Witty Kitty! Interview with this smart man from Shanghai coming soon, but in the meantime you can get more of Brand Sam  here.