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What Would Kanye Do?

15 Oct

I am currently listening to this song on repeat. It makes me want to do the following things:

1. learn the piano

2. toast to douche bags, assholes, scum bags, and jerk offs at any opportunity I get (including work drinks).

3. Be a gangster, or, at the very least, not white.

4. Swoon. Kanye, you beast.


I measure you in music!

11 Oct

I too was entranced by Eggers’ rant against keeping shit real, and when I stumbled across the above wee gem, I thought it really nutshelled it.

Perhaps a non-sequitur, but to me a similar vein- this weekend I erred most tellingingly, demanding a new pal listen to a favourite song of mine, a rather controverial choice. I instantly rued the move, having flashbacks to this story. And yet, I couldn’t resist. I told him to listen really really carefully to the lyrics. I tapped my finger at certain points, hoping my added emphasis would help him fully appreciate the humour. I explained the ethos behind it, forced my point, smiled knowlingly throughout certain verses, and wrapped up with philospohcial anaysis of why it is so awesome. Yikes.

I guess my saving grace is that most people don’t think Eminem has ever kept shit real, so I was more likely the judgee, not the judger.

Be still my wild heart

3 Aug

Oh Stevie! I have fallen in love with you all over again after watching this video.

video via This Recording

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21 Jul

Don’t fall in love with me yet
We only recently met
True I’m in love with you but
you might decide I’m a nut
Give me a week or two to
go absolutely cuckoo
then, when you see your error,
then, you can flee in terror
like everybody else does
I only tell you this cause
I’m easy to get rid of
but not if you fall in love
Know now that I’m on the make
and if you make a mistake
my heart will certainly break
I’ll have to jump in a lake
and all my friends will blame you
There’s no telling what they’ll do
It’s only fair to tell you
I’m absolutely cuckoo

The geek in me finds it difficult to listen to a band/song/album without a bit of wikipedia exploration. So, when a band I like is featured in a documentary, and that documentary is featured in a film festival – I am bound by personality trait to attend.

This year that documentary was Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields. The lyrics above may read like they were written by a teenager who just discovered a rhyming dictionary, but don’t be tricked! That simple genius is in fact from the pen of Merritt. The film itself was nothing particularly special, but it gave me some more facts to wield in pop music discussions/battles. Like the fact that his dog is named Irving Berlin. And that he was called a racist for not having enough ‘black’ music on his ipod. And that he is an only child. Also, I finally worked out how that couple got Stephin Merritt to sing at their wedding: she is/was his assistant. Mystery solved!

I’ll try anything once

19 Jun

Just watched the Somewhere trailer thanks to Zoe. Am now playing this song on repeat.


18 Jun

The other night after we raided the liquor cabinet, I found myself singing at the top of my lungs along to this track with Alex and Joe. Cold War Kids were an obsession from our three months in Paris together, but have since sat, forgotten and unplayed, in my iTunes. My rediscovery was a joyous one.

Not only is the album amazing (imho), but because it reminds me of a particularly sunny time of my life – each track is so loaded with memories and warm fuzzy feelings that listening is like time travel. Musical memories are a double-edged sword though. To this day, listening to Interpol makes me remember how awfully earnest I was in 2005; a memory I am happy to leave buried deep down inside.