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Bon voyage

12 Oct


I’m migrating to America soon. Imagining something along these lines…

Images from “The Arrival” by Shaun Tan


I measure you in music!

11 Oct

I too was entranced by Eggers’ rant against keeping shit real, and when I stumbled across the above wee gem, I thought it really nutshelled it.

Perhaps a non-sequitur, but to me a similar vein- this weekend I erred most tellingingly, demanding a new pal listen to a favourite song of mine, a rather controverial choice. I instantly rued the move, having flashbacks to this story. And yet, I couldn’t resist. I told him to listen really really carefully to the lyrics. I tapped my finger at certain points, hoping my added emphasis would help him fully appreciate the humour. I explained the ethos behind it, forced my point, smiled knowlingly throughout certain verses, and wrapped up with philospohcial anaysis of why it is so awesome. Yikes.

I guess my saving grace is that most people don’t think Eminem has ever kept shit real, so I was more likely the judgee, not the judger.


6 Oct

This time tomorrow, I will be an aunty.

Am aiming for somewhere between the comfort of Auntie Em and the general awesomeness of Aunt Viv.

The reasons I will (not) be drinking

4 Oct

Without sounding like a lush, I just really love alcohol. Since I met and developed a massive crush on a bartender in my youth, I have sipped, savoured and over-indulged in many fine spirits, cheap and not-so-cheap wines and delicious beers. When travelling, it was a personal mission to hunt out the best neighbourhood bars, the cheapest dive bars, the historical literary watering holes. I have sipped Champagne in manicured imperial gardens. I have watched an old lady make me the most dramatic and fantastic martini, before leaving the bar with a walking stick. I have walked and then stumbled between a dozen wineries, never spitting out the samples. Many happy hours of my life have been spent holding up the end of a bar, and most of my treasured memories with friends involve some imbibing. And now our livelihood is partially sourced from the plying of others with liquor – the aforementioned bartender and I own and live above our very own neighbourhood bar.

So it is with some hesitation that I plan to spend October refraining from the drink. And in a display of the universe’s cruelty, the month has begun with a string of killer sunny days. The kind that are best enjoyed with some form of water view, and a sweating glass of beer.

Wish me luck.

Strange Powers

27 Aug

It seems that superpowers have been on my mind of late, I think due to the relentless repetition of the Magnetic Fields song Strange Powers in my head, and the wonderful This American Life podcast on super heroes I listened to last week.

I especially liked the interview with the author of the site Lost and Forgotten, which provides info on all of comic-book-land’s most failed superheroes. 3-D man, whose strength, stamina, and speed had TRIPLED was totally my favourite- not THREE times as fast, strong, and resilient as your average man! Heavens, he would …um…be able to carry a wooden bed-base alone? Probably lose in a fight with a gorilla? Be able to keep up with a car sticking to the speed limit in the central city?

But I do quite like the idea of not-so-super-superpowers– more achievable skills for the less ambitious century. So here are some ideas, feel free to contribute.

“The Hangoverator” Her beaming smile is all it takes to wipe that nausea and shame away!

“Ear Man” There to hear you bitch and moan about your workmates, night or day.

“Compliment Kid” you’re looking really, really good today. Nuff said.

“Professor Plunge” The coffee-maker who always remember how you like it. And who also has the power to tell you if you are infatuated or in love.

 “Supercharge” with a utility belt of cell phone chargers AND a multi plug, Super charge will never let you go flat.

 “Mr Massage” Self explanatory, and R-18 if you want it to be!\

Ok it’s Friday, give me a break. And now I can only think in the Superhero-title-line-power-voice. Am I Annoying-Girl?

Out of the city

5 Aug

I love a good train trip and the one up to Paekakariki doesn’t disappoint. Multiple harbours, an ocean and an island, some tunnels, some bare hills that catch the setting sun, quaint stations. It really is the scenic route. What is it about getting ‘out of the city’ that feels so good? Wellington is settled around a lovely harbour of its own, and is hardly a bustling metropolis –  and still the desire to escape it all sets in.

My trip today was to visit two lovely ladies and their new babies. Both followed this call away from the city with a little more permanence than I am ready to commit to just yet. But I can see why people do gravitate outwards – both have beautiful homes and gardens and the wide open space just feels nice. We had soup and pikelets with cream and jam and laughed as the babies looked at each other curiously.

And then, sated by this day away, I hopped back on a train and returned to the city.

As a side note, I love how many things my wonderful yellow boat shoes match. Bananas, yellow lines and buses…

In the summertime

28 Jul

Because most blogs I read happen to be located in the Northern Blogosphere (oh god, did I really go there?*) I am being taunted with photos of beaches, picnics, outdoor drinks in the warm evening air. People planning trips to the seaside. People spending days in the park. People curating sweet little outfits with floaty tops and pretty sandals. It is general pictorial torture in the form of summer cavorting.

Admittedly, the heat wave in New York is described with exasperation. But from my cold little apartment where I write this, underneath five duvets and breathing fog, it sounds like a dream. It’s like when your friends go overseas and post albums on Facebook. Except I only know these people via the interweb, and they outnumber my real friends. My Google Reader has become a weapon of self-flagellation.

So Alex, if your pitch to the science community works I vote we teleport further afield than Melbourne and go get ourselves some sun. Sweden maybe? I hear it goes all night there.

* I usually leave blogosphere for the young, the earnest and the old trying to stay relevant. Just for the record.